How Skin Transfers Work


Each skin transfer of your design is applied using water and a damp cloth or sponge.

  • remove the protective top sheet
  • apply face-down to clean, dry skin
  • add water to the paper backing
  • wait 20 seconds
  • remove the paper backing
  • ... and that's it!
Our skin transfers will even work if applied prior to using fake tan or sunscreen!
Removal is just as easy, using baby oil or rubbing alcohol to dissolve the transfer in seconds. (Removal wipes can be supplied.)


We take the issue of safety very seriously. All skin transfers are produced using the highest quality medical grade adhesives, and meet or exceed all EU and international standards for safety. Documentation can be provided upon request. 


Each skin transfer will last from 1 to 3 days, depending on skin type, location and "wear-and-tear". For example, if you apply a transfer to the hand, it will abrade and degrade more rapidly due to the high-traffic nature of the hands; if applied to the arm, shoulder or back, the temporary transfer may last even longer than 3 days. The transfer resists soap and water, but can be removed quickly and easily using baby oil or rubbing alcohol.

Quality Reproduction

The skin transfer appears exactly as you design it, with no limitation on complexity of design, or colour. There can even be white ink! No matter how detailed and intricate your design, the transfer will be an exact match, providing a perfect, precise and accurate representation of your logo or design.