Case Studies

Utilising temporary skin transfers is a way to maxmise your marketing and promotional activities. They can be used in conjunction with social media, so that your followers become your evangelists, and your message reaches a wider audience than ever before.


GPA Launches Mental Health Awareness Campaign

The Gaelic Players Association (GPA) launched a mental health awareness campaign to highlight the issues faced by athletes across Ireland, and to encourage the open discussion of the problems faced in everyday life and how to deal with them.


LUAS and the Street Performance World Championships

Engaging kids and adults alike, Luas and the Railway Procurement Agency used branded temporary skin transfers of the Luas brand to promote and market the Luas at the 2013 Dublin Street Performance World Championships, and also at FlightFest.


"Check Me Out" Bray Cancer Support Centre

Wanting to use the power of Twitter to engage followers and raise awareness, the Bray Cancer Support Centre used temporary skin transfers on celebrities to get their message heard.