GPA Launches Mental Health Awareness Campaign

The Gaelic Players Association (GPA) launched a mental health awareness campaign to highlight the issues faced by athletes across Ireland, and to encourage the open discussion of the problems faced in everyday life and how to deal with them.

Wearing more than just a jersey, the athlete reveals what is worn underneath: worry, negativity, pain, stress - things experienced by everyone, but rarely talked about in the course of daily life.

"Worry" tattooWith the Gaelic Players Association's (GPA) launching of their "We Wear More" campaign to highlight emotional and mental health issues faced by athletes across Ireland, the discussion of such topics is brought into focus and stigmas shattered.

We needed a concept that was eye catching and emotive.

Frances O'Rourke, Copywriter, Atomic Advertising

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Frances O'Rourke, Copywriter for Atomic Advertising:

" ‘We wear more than our county colours’ is a Gaelic Players Association campaign about the more emotional aspects of players' lives. The campaign hopes to break down the stigma surrounding mental health which will in turn make it easier for players to look out for each other, to recognise signs of distress and encourage intervention through conversation and support. We needed a concept that was eye catching and emotive.
The concept was that when players take off their county colours, their ‘issues’ are evident as tattoos on their skin. Rather than relying on just retouching we wanted to use temporary tattoos as well. John from Sports Ink worked quickly and was very accommodating and helpful.